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It's Your Ship, Revised 10th Anniversary Edition

It's Your Ship, Revised 10th Anniversary Edition

SKU: 9781455523023

Recently showing up on promotional exams, this candid and inspirational book offers practical advice. Abrashoff was captain of a US Navy guided missile destroyer for almost 2 years, and pretty much turned around morale and productivity in an environment of spiraling costs, gender equity issues, employee turnover and being watched through a microscope by his superiors. His main techniques were to empower and trust his subordinates, to be willing to risk and fail, and to document and learn from all successes and failures. Written in a very accessible way. Concepts are explained well and are easy to grasp. Abrashoff's style is so down-to-earth, and so readable, it's almost as if your best buddy is telling tales and you want to keep slapping yourself up side the head, repeating over and over, "wow, this guy's right on!"

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